some faves from my bass collection ...

Pedulla Nuance 5

My current go-to 5 string for session work and most live events - basically my main axe. It has a wonderful ability to fit perfectly in most any musical situation. It is strung w/ vapor coated med gauge La Bellas.

Mid-80’s Pedulla ‘Buzz"

This bass has been a close session partner for over 30 years. It’s on 100s of recordings from Al Stewart to Tori Amos to Vince Neil. It’s now strung w/ med gauge vapor-coated La Bellas.

Lawsuit-era Memphis p-bass

This is a great example of the famous “lawsuit era” of fine Japanese instruments from late 70s to early 80s. It has that great rock growl from those heavier instruments of the day. Perfect w/ a pick - I use it when I don’t want to bring my ’72 P bass.

Late ‘60s Aria Diamond

This was my Dad’s bass that he used during the late 60s to July 1971, just before his passing. It’s really a sweet bass with a warm tone. It’s wound with La Bella flats

Early ‘80s Greco “Beatle” bass

Another early-80s Japanese “lawsuit-era” bass. it gets a spot-on McCartney tone.

Lakland Skyline 5

This was my session bass for a few years before the Nuance. It has a tone as pretty as it’s quilted-maple top.

Fender ’62 reissue

I love these MIM really-60s replicas. It’s true to the day on every detail except for the poly finish. The neck is superbly 60s.

Early ‘90s Moon 6

I got this in Japan in 1991 or so. it’s a really well made bass with that classic boutique tone

a few more ...

TL-built ’63 P bass

I’m restoring this replica of a Pino-style Precision with parts I’ve collected. It’s almost ready for prime-time.

TL-built “Slander” jazz bass

This jazz bass was built from a bunch of extra parts I had and ended up being a pretty solid recording instrument. It has Sadowsky PUs in passive mode. You can hear it all over Brian Hughes “Along The Way” record.

TL-built “Jameson” P bass

I love these early 90s MIM basses. This one has that phat R&B thing- especially with a sponge-mute in place

Custom Charvel-Turner J-P bass

Yet another from the session toolkit. Rick Turner j-bass PUs/electronics in a custom Charvel p-bass body with a stunning flame top. it’s on a bunch of records - check out the new CD from the band “Secret Sky"

Ned Steinberger el upright

Used wherever my old German upright can’t go and it really sounds like an upright!

TCB-Lightwave fretless 5 proto

This is a unique bass - optical PUs and a coated maple fretless fingerboard strung with black tapewounds. I used it on the Loreena McKennitt and Crimson Jazz Trio records.

62 Precision CAR

MIJ reissue of an early 60s p-bass in a classic Candy Apple Red

’85 Squier Japan Jazz

These early 80s Japanese Squiers are the closest thing to a real pre-CBS Fender. Amazing playability and tone