a few photos ...

Late Night TV bassists

Will, John and myself back during the "Late-Nite Wars"

at the Spud

trying out a Xotic 5-string at the Baked Potato w/ Gannin Arnold

vital information - 1st gen

the band I started w/ Steve Smith & Dave Wilczewski. - Mike Stern & Dean Brown on gtr. That Pedulla is fretted and red.

al dimeola

playing my 72 bass with Al in Berlin, 1978


Crimson Jazz Trio w/ Jody Nardone & the late-great Ian Wallace

’64 jazz

playing on my old 64 olympic white jazz bass in Switzerland w/ Gil Evans

wayyyyy in the back

playing upright and a TCB-Lightwave w/ Loreena McKennitt in Granada, Spain

Peavey ad

Me and a Dyna-Bass w/ Ray Gomez - you could actually play this ad on a turntable! ;)